Boston Terrier Agility Training

Boston Terriers are well known for their athleticism and agility. Few animals excel at agility the way these dogs do. They show incredible skill at climbing, weaving in and out of poles, and navigating tunnels and what’s more they love pleasing their owners almost as much as they love running around! Boston Terrier Agility training is an excellent training option for this breed.

Boston terriers are brilliant and love to challenge themselves with events like flyball, obstacle courses, or Boston Terrier agility competitions. These dogs have no trouble handling both the mental or physical aspects of these intense challenges.

If you’ve never seen your dog at its very best, then you should consider encouraging the legendary Boston terrier agility and grace. Your dog will respond positively, and he will love the sheer physical stimulation that comes from a good agility run.

Most owners start their dogs off with basic good manners and obedience training but once mastered your dog may start to look a little bored or disinterested. After the basics are the perfect time to start teaching your dog the basics of Boston terrier agility training. What can your dog expect on a standard agility course? Read on for a brief introduction.

Boston Terrier agility jumps are similar to the high-jumps that humans do. Your dog will be asked to jump over and between a series of poles. Just watch him go! Next, your dog will navigate an A-frame. They tend to move pretty quickly up the frame but may need a few practice runs to teach them how not just to leap off – but exit gracefully according to a marked point at the bottom of the frame.

In step number three of a Boston terrier agility course, your dog will run through a tunnel. There is a catch – the tube is curved or bent, so it’s not all plain-sailing for your terrier!

The collapsed tunnel is the next part of the Boston terrier agility course. Your dog will need to run through a collapsed chute. Your dog won’t be able to see, so it must push through with its eyes closed! Wow, not bad for a pooch!

On the trestle part of the Boston terrier agility course, your dog must walk the complete length of the frame – not leaving it until a marker at the bottom of the down ramp.

The next section of the Boston terrier agility course consists of a series of poles. Your terrier will weave in and out of the poles until she reaches the end of the course (unless of course there are more surprises on a longer course!).

By the end of the Boston terrier agility run most dogs are out of breath, exhausted and ready to do it all over again! You will need to teach your dog not to overdo it as the breed is prone to overheating. However, most dogs will listen to your commands and get used to a certain number of cycles before a well-deserved rest.

You can start your dog with Boston Terrier agility training as soon as he is old enough to be steady on his feet, obey basic commands and has been given an all-clear by your veterinarian. Training is a great way for your dog (and you) to get and stay fit. Enjoy!