How to Select Boston Terrier Breeders

Trying to find a Boston Terrier dog or puppy? The best Boston Terrier breeders offer a range of healthy and pedigreed Boston Terriers to choose. Doing some basic research on the Boston terrier breed – its traits, personality, and general health problems- will prepare you for selecting a dog that suits you and your family.

When choosing Boston Terrier breeders, the price shouldn’t be your primary concern. An expensive dog isn’t necessarily an indication of its quality. Visit all prospective breeders and examine their facilities – paying particular attention to the hygiene and health of the dogs housed there. Talk to other families who have obtained dogs from them.

How to Recognize Good Boston Terrier Breeders

* Reputable Boston Terrier breeders will ask you as many questions as you ask them. Usually, these breeders keep one or more of the puppies behind to continue to improve their breeding stock. A good breeder will show a solid history of being involved with the breed for at least two or three years.

* Responsible Boston Terrier breeders will usually refer you to another good breeder if they don’t have a Boston Terrier you want.

* Professional Boston Terrier breeders always provide a pedigree, registration certificate and a health record for your pet. Any health problems the dog may have should be discussed with you before you buy your new pet. Their dogs should only produce around one or two litters a year.

How can you tell if you are dealing with irresponsible Boston Terrier breeders?

* Bad Boston Terrier breeders are usually only interested in the profit to be made from breeding and selling dogs.

* Boston Terrier breeders of poor quality merely try to get rid of their stock as quickly as possible. Often they kennel ‘mated pairs’. They may also supply pet shops or people they haven’t met or questioned about their intentions for the dog.

* Unreliable Boston Terrier breeders probably won’t provide you with any proof of pedigree or other paperwork. They may also let their puppies go at too young age.

* If your Boston Terrier breeders tell you their Boston terriers have no problems, this is a red flag!

You should consider finding reputable and reliable Boston Terrier breeders in your local area but finding a breeder shouldn’t present too much of a problem. Get a head start by talking to other Boston Terrier owners to find out where they obtained their pets or talk to people at local dog shows or events. Write to, or call The American Kennel Association to get the names and addresses of breeders in your area.

Registered, professional Boston Terrier breeders will do everything possible to make sure that you get a healthy Boston Terrier. Making the choice to obtain your new best buddy may from a reputable breeder cost a little more and mean a bit more hard work, but it’s worth it.

The Boston Terrier breeders links on this page will help you find a reputable Boston Terrier breeder in your area. Good luck finding a great new pet!