All About Boston Terrier Dogs

Learning all about Boston Terrier Dogs is a must if you are considering this dog as a pet. An all-American dog bred in Boston a few centuries ago this dog is amiable, friendly, and easy to train. Your Boston Terrier will love attention and will give you plenty in return.

Nicknamed the ‘American Gentleman’, this breed is also more than elegant in his bearing and personality. In the past, the Terrier breed was bred for pit fighting, but recently breeders have adapted his genetics, transforming him into a gentle dog. Attributes like this make him a good house dog and pet for children and older people. If you want to learn all about Boston terrier dogs and their habits, read on for a brief list of frequently asked questions. This general information is essential for any prospective owner of this beautiful breed.

All about Boston Terrier # 1 – Do Boston Terriers make good house dogs?

Yes! These dogs make excellent companions for all ages and activity levels. They love being around people, especially children, who appeal to their playful side. They are medium in size, so they don’t have intense exercise or feeding requirements. As you learn all about Boston terrier dogs, you will understand the unique joy he can bring to your family.

All about Boston Terrier # 2 – Do Boston Terriers need a lot of grooming, do they shed?

The coats of Boston Terriers are short, so all they need is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and bathing when necessary. Because they have short hair, they do tend to shed, but they are considered average shedders. Cleaning your house in the usual way i.e. vacuuming and dusting will be more than enough to keep things under control. Owners need to know all about Boston terrier eye problems and how to care for them, so ask your vet for further information.

All about Boston Terrier # 3 – I want to buy a purebred Boston Terrier, where can I find a responsible breeder?

Contact the American Kennel Club for information on the breed standard and all about Boston Terrier Breeders, who sell purebred dogs. You can also talk to owners of Boston terriers at dog shows, agility events, and your local dog training club who may be able to recommend a suitable breeder

All about Boston Terrier # 4 – Is it advisable to get a Boston Terrier Rescue dog?

Most Boston Terrier rescue dogs are perfectly healthy and well behaved. However, sometimes these dogs have been abused, are timeworn, or have health problems. Usually, they have been given up because their owners couldn’t take care of them properly. Rescue dogs are just like other Bostons; they enjoy attention and love being companions to people. Make sure you learn all about Boston Terrier rescue dogs and are aware of any socialization or health problems that may occur. Be prepared and you shouldn’t have any problems.

All about Boston Terrier # 5 – What is the life span of a Boston terrier?

When your dog is looked after, fed properly and exercised daily he will live about 10 to 12 years (possibly more). Older dogs are prone to certain health ailments but learning all about Boston Terrier Health Problems will make sure he lives a long and healthy life.

All about Boston Terrier # 6 – Are Boston Terriers healthy dogs for agility events?

Yes! Boston terriers are very athletic and agile dogs. Given the chance, they excel at agility and flyball events. Your dog will need some basic obedience and development training, but this type of activity seems to come naturally to this breed. They love the exercise as well as pleasing their owners. Learning all about Boston Terrier Agility training will prepare you for this exciting challenge!

All about Boston Terrier # 7 – How can I find a Boston terrier to breed with my dog?

You should never breed just to obtain puppies or with a substandard mate. To produce responsibly, you should first properly research all candidates – both their background and pedigree for three generations are imperative. Be aware of any health problems in the dog to avoid weakening the gene pool of its offspring. You should never breed two dogs that show similar health concerns or weaknesses. The trick is to find out all about Boston terrier mates that will strengthen the weaknesses in your dog. Contact the American Kennel Club for information on reputable breeders.

All about Boston Terrier # 8 – What about white Boston Terriers?

White Boston Terriers sold at a high price to uninformed owners. You should note that white Bostons are not a breed and are in fact genetically weak due to several defects. They may suffer severe health problems. We recommend that you stay away from unscrupulous sellers and learn all about Boston terrier attributes. This way you won’t get caught out!

We hope this all about Boston Terrier FAQ has helped to answer some of your questions. Why not expand your search by clicking on the links on this page for more interesting and informative Boston Terrier Information? Enjoy the journey!