The Facts About Boston Terrier Health Problems

Boston Terrier health problems should be a concern for new owners. If you’ve just brought a lively Boston into your home, it’s a good idea to clue yourself up on some of the things that can go wrong with your Boston. Taking steps today to safeguard the health of this sensitive breed can enable your dog to live a long and healthy life.

Boston Terriers can live up to fifteen years or longer. However, they are vulnerable to specific ailments. Firstly because of their short muzzles, flat faces, and prominent eyes but also because the breed is genetically predisposed to certain diseases and structural abnormalities. What causes Boston Terrier health problems? Among other things these dogs wheeze a lot and tend to gulp air.

Their shortened muzzles cause respiratory problems so if you are going to be training your Boston never do so using a method that uses collar tugs. Many alternative training methods can use that will not endanger the health of your dogs such as using treats, praise, or toys. Boston Terrier health problems should be your primary concern when it comes to training, not your dog’s ability to obey your command! Consider using a prong collar instead of a chain collar.

Boston Terrier health problems may include issues with intestinal gas and respiratory problems which may get worse in hot climates.  Also due to their eyes being prominent they are easily infected or injured.

Individual Boston Terrier health problems are due to your dog’s genetic makeup. These include megaesophagus which causes the dog to regurgitate undigested food. Boston Terriers are also vulnerable to tumors; Cushings disease; thyroid disease; unilateral or bilateral deafness; heart problems; allergic dermatitis, skin diseases; neurologic diseases; cataracts; skeletal diseases; and urinary tract abnormalities.

At present The Boston Terrier Club of America health committee is trying to collect as much information on Boston Terrier health problems as possible to help minimize these illnesses. Please make sure that you obtain your puppy from a reputable breeder. Buying dogs from pet stores or backyard breeders can cause plenty of heartaches later on when your dog becomes ill.