How to Find and Care for Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terrier puppies may be both cute and cuddly but poor bred dogs can suffer from a whole host of heartbreaking health problems. The first step to finding quality Boston puppies is finding a reputable, responsible breeder. Most Boston terrier breeding occurs in the Boston area, but you will find good breeders all over the United States.

Finding Boston terrier puppies through a registered breeder will help you to feel confident that no genetic diseases were passed on to your pup by his or her parents. You will need to make sure that your puppy is healthy, has had all the required vaccinations, and is neutered or spayed if need be.

If you are looking to buy purebred Boston terrier puppies, do some research on the Internet or approach the American Kennel Club. Find out as much as possible about good attributes in a purebred dog. Even the incorrect placing of the ears or eyes can make him unable to compete in shows.

The Internet is a great resource for breeders of pups of all kinds including Boston terrier puppies. The Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc. runs a group that tries to place Boston puppies in need of homes with suitable, loving families. Across the United States, other organizations and networks of people try to blend families with new Bostons.

How to Look After Your Boston Terrier Puppies

Once you have decided on a healthy, happy Boston and brought him home, it’s time to start thinking about training for your dog. Training begins when your Boston Terrier puppies are quite young. Basic manners training should start as soon as you bring your puppy home and obedience training when they are about six months old.

Your pup will be eager to learn at this age, but his attention span may be a little short so he or she may become bored with repetition. Keep lessons short and always offer your Boston terrier puppies a reward for a lesson learned.

House training shouldn’t present a problem if you stick to good timing and a consistent approach. Crate training is an excellent method to teach your Boston Terrier puppies to go outside when they need to. Crate training means keeping your dog in a crate when you aren’t around to take him out or show the way outside.

Like most dogs Boston terrier puppies will prefer not to soil their sleeping places and will usually wait to be taken outside rather than urinating or defecating in their ‘den.’ When you dog is let out of his crate, take him outside immediately to create healthy habits from an early age. Very young puppies will need to relieve themselves quite often (every few hours) so make sure you stick to a schedule that suits your puppy’s normal body rhythms.

Of course, your Boston terrier puppies will sometimes slip up. Cleaning with an enzymatic cleaner will help him to avoid using the same spot over and over again. Bear in mind that your puppy will not have good bladder and bowel control until he is several months old.

Use treats to teach you Boston Terrier puppies basic obedience. The course should help your dog to learn basic good manners, sit, lay down and stay when commanded as well as know how to walk nicely on a lead. Clubs or private trainers often hold puppy ‘kindergarten’ classes for dogs around three months old, moving on to formal training at around six months.

Don’t forget that Boston terrier puppies need plenty of time to play and be free and lots of loving friendship to keep them healthy and happy. The links on this page will help you to find breeders who have Boston puppies available for sale. Enjoy your Boston puppy!