Boston Terrier Rescue Organizations

Considering adopting a Boston Terrier rescue dog? If you want to give a homeless Boston terrier a new home, contacting a rescue organization is a great way to find profiles of unwanted or abandoned dogs. The majority of dogs placed through rescue organizations are perfectly healthy. However, a small percentage need specialized medical care or are older dogs.

The majority of these organizations are non-profit and aim to advance the welfare of the Boston terrier breed. To do this, they rely on donations from pet owners and the public. There are groups located all over the United States and Canada, including California, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and (of course!) Boston.

Boston Terrier rescue groups offer Bostons to responsible owners for free or a small donation.

Your rescue organization may put you through a screening process to ensure that their orphans are getting the right home. Screening is part of responsible adoption and should be encouraged. However, when you choose a Boston Terrier rescue dog, you will need, to be honest with yourself too.  You want to be a responsible and loving pet owner to your dog – you do, don’t you?

Boston Terrier Rescue Dogs – Will I Make a Good Owner?

* First and foremost, consider the cost of keeping a Boston terrier rescue dog. Many of these dogs are given away because their owners couldn’t afford to feed them or take care of their veterinary expenses. Make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself by ensuring that you have the available funds to take care of everything your dog needs. Some items include toys, treats, and a good kennel or bed as well as a yearly check-up at the vet.

* If you are going to adopt a Boston Terrier rescue that is very young, do you have the time and patience to house train your dog and spend time with him during the day? Young dogs won’t learn proper bladder and bowel control for several months. You will need to make sure your dog goes out several times a day and once or twice at night

* If you work during the day, and there won’t be anybody available to take care of your pet, you may not be the right owner for a puppy or even an adult Boston Terrier rescue dog as they love attention and companionship.

* Have you considered obedience training? Young dogs or those who are not adequately socialized will benefit from some basic manners or other kinds of training. Do you have time, patience, and funds to devote to training your Boston Terrier rescue dog?

* Will you be able to take your Boston terrier rescue dog out for walks? Do you have a yard where he can indulge in some free play time? If you need to fence in your yard, do you have enough funds available to do so? Will you be able to take your pet for once or twice daily walks?

* How much time will you be able to spend playing or just being with your dog? Boston Terrier rescue dogs may need extra love and attention. Very often these dogs miss their previous owners and in the worst case scenario may have been abused. They will need extra patience and tender loving care to thrive in their new home.

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you might be the ideal candidate to adopt a Boston Terrier rescue dog. Start by using the links on this page to access your nearest rescue group. Don’t forget to find our about any particular requirements for the adoption process. Above all, enjoy your dog -he or she will be eternally grateful for his new, loving home!