Does having a pet Make You Healthier and Happier?

Does having a pet Make You Healthier and Happier?

Taking Care for a Pet Makes You Healthier and Happier?

There are many advantages in owning a Pet. Not only it is so much fun having them around, but it also makes people healthier. If you have ever owned a pet, you are probably already aware of how much fun and joy they bring to the home. We are the one responsible for feeding our pets, walking them, making sure we take care of them, but did you know that our pets also take good care of us? Besides the smiles and affection that they bring, having an animal around have also been shown to lower stress levels, depression, anxiety, improve your cardiovascular health and may even help you live longer.

Clearly, pet owners had greater self-esteem, more physically fit, tend to be less lonely, more conscientious, more extroverted, tended to be less fearful and tended to be less preoccupied than non-owners. Pets are uncomplicated – they love you unconditionally, with no alternate agendas of their own.

1. Dog will make your life Happier

Dog owners are less likely to have stress than non-pet owners. Taking care of a dog requires a routine and forces you to stay at least a little active, it is impossible for the owner to feel down all the time. The interaction between the owner and the pet required mutual love that will help them to stay active. Even the slightest act of looking at your pet increases the amount of Oxytocin, the “feel good” chemical in our brain.

2. Healthy Heart

Just the mere act of petting a dog lowers the rate of blood pressure. A Recent study found that people who own dogs get better sleep at night and are sick less often. Other studies show pet owners have slightly lower cholesterol and are more likely to survive a heart attack. Clearly, everything that is involved in owning a dog leads to a better heart condition.
3. Anti-Boredom

Having a dog means that you have a responsibility to a life, it will give you a reason to wake up every morning thinking about your pet. This would help you get out of that boringness in your life. Someone is always around you.

4. Exercise more with Dogs

All pets have a positive effect on our life and health, but Dogs has a routine exercise needed every day outside your house. What does this mean? Most dog owners get the minimum doctor advise of 30 minutes of walking a day. Because of this, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and keeping them in better overall shape than cat owners or people without pets.

5. Lively social life

Surveys show that people trust others who have dogs more than just random people walking on the street and are more likely to go up and interact with them. Even if you live alone, having a dog has the same emotional benefit as that of human friendship.

6. Cancer detects by Dogs

It seems that our canine friends have the ability to smell cancer in the human body. Stories abound of owners whose dogs kept sniffing or licking a mole or lump on their body, so they got it checked out, discovering it was cancerous. The anecdotal evidence was later backed up by scientific studies.

7. Dog as a reflection of yourself

The kind of dog you have tells people a lot about your personality. For example, individuals who owned toy dogs tended to be more intelligent, while owners of utility dogs like Dalmatians and Bulldogs were the most meticulous. Other studies have found that dog owners, in general, are more outgoing and friendly than cat owners. But be careful: Dogs sometimes take on their owners’ personality traits.

8. Decrease the stress level
There are benefits in bringing a dog to a workplace. More companies are experimenting on this and studies show that people who interact with a pet while working have decreased the level of stress throughout the day, than others who don’t. This has resulted in much greater job satisfaction and productivity.

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  • Guy Harris

    im sure you all know how important dogs can be to human lives

  • Guy Harris

    It is very much important to me, my terrier Jasper is my best friend!

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